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    Madhavi Farms
    100% Organic Non-GMO Produce
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    Farm & Green House
    India's First and Largest Aquaponics Farm
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    Madhavi Dairy
    Protecting, Preserving and Expanding Indigenous Breeds

About Us

Madhavi Farms, a 20 Acre Organic estate, located in the heart of Bangalore city was established on a barren plot of land in 1998. Today it is a bio-diversity hotspot with thousands of medicinal, fragrance, timber, fruit and sacred vedic trees, herbs and plant varieties. Our ecosystem has become home to several types of birds, bats, insects, reptiles and wild bees. Additionally, Madhavi Farms also hosts a Dairy facility for the protection and proliferation of Indigenous breeds. A star addition launched in November 2017 to the Madhavi Farms chapter is India’s first and largest commercial Aquaponics farm.


At Madhavi Farms we are committed to reaching you the highest level of quality in vegetables. Aquaponics produces both fish and chemical free vegetables, in a bio dynamic environment. Aquaponics is the farming of the future and it is happening in Bangalore city.

Why Organic?

Organic production ensures food security through food purity, food sovereignty and food safety. Our farms can feed just you and your family, become part of a culinary production, or quite simply be a part of feeding a community.

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Madhavi Dairy

The Madhavi Dairy is home to 18 Desi and Gir cows that are part of our Dairy development initiative. At Madhavi Farms we are committed to developing and maintaining a resilient breed of Gir and Indigenous crosses best suited for propagation of healthy desi cattle gene stock. We have extended our achievements with other Goshalas in the region to help improve other Gir and Indigenous cattle breeding programs.

Our desi cattle are a source of energy and fuel through our bio gas generation system. Furthermore, they form the back bone of all our farming and plantations which are provided nutrition and health through our traditional formulations like Panchakavya, Jeevamrutha, Sanjeevak and the likes.